Nitesh Agrawal

SVP of Product

As senior vice poresident of product at VideoVerse, Nitesh Agrawal spearheads the conception and enhancement of products aimed at addressing customer needs. VideoVerse stands at the forefront of Video AI innovation, boasting an esteemed clientele including Nippon TV and Mountain West, and covers Premier Sporting leagues like IPL, WPL, and ISL.

Agrawal’s journey with VideoVerse began through the acquisition of Dive, a company he co-founded and led as CEO. Dive, an AI-driven meeting assistant, saw remarkable growth during the pandemic, amassing 170,000 enterprise users. Prior to Dive, he founded Indiez, a platform for global tech talent acquisition, later acquired by the GoScale group.

Agrawal’s professional trajectory boasts pivotal contributions to renowned organizations such as and Ola, where he played instrumental roles in developing the initial versions of their respective applications. His academic journey commenced at IIT Bombay, where he graduated in 2012, laying the foundation for his subsequent achievements in the tech industry.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Nitesh is a seasoned traveller with a penchant for
exploration, having traversed over 50 countries. Additionally, he finds solace and excitement in
the depths of the ocean as an avid scuba diver, embodying a multifaceted persona that extends
beyond the realm of technology.